Training resources:

A 3 day comprehensive course to help district level health workers identify TB cases, initiate treatment, and counsel patients on living with tuberculosis.  This online course is designed to help doctors, clinical officers and nurses to become comfortable with providing care to TB patients and to strengthen skills to best serve these patients.

This course is intended for physicians treating patients with tuberculosis.  It is an overview of TB care initiation, review of the DOTS program, and includes an international scope to help clinicians understand TB in various settings.

This site features a working group comprised of major global actors in the fight against tuberculosis.  They put together this roadmap for laboratory compliance in TB clinical settings.  The site is an invaluable collection of resources for clinics internationally.

The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease provides resources for various lung health issues.  Its courses on TB are meant for public health professionals and those interested in working with the disease in order to foster a community of researchers and educators.

Courses include:

  1. International Comprehensive Course on Clinical Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis for African Countries
  2. International Course on Clinical Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
  3. Program Management in Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

This site is designed to serve as a guideline to aid monitoring for adverse effects during the treatment of MDR-TB.  It is not a treatment guide or a guide for monitoring the progress of treatment.  Advice is based on best available evidence and when this is poor, expert consensus.  The monitoring guidelines were developed in the context of the UK where treatment within the NHS is standard and there the tests advised are readily available.