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In June 2008, concerned patients, physicians, research scientists and other stakeholders met in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to address the need to promote drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) clinical trials. The result was the emergence of RESIST-TB, an initiative focused specifically on promoting and conducting research on treatment shortening, drug efficacy, and prophylaxis for drug-resistant tuberculosis. Since then, RESIST-TB has been collaborating with various research institutions, funding agents, treatment programs, and organizations to determine research priorities, find sites where research can be conducted, and direct funds towards this effort. The end goal of this work is to develop scientifically-tested combination DR-TB regimens that can be rapidly adopted and implemented by TB control programs worldwide. To learn more about clinical trials for DR-TB and the establishment of RESIST-TB, view the Rainbow Document.


Goal I. Accelerate uptake of effective, scalable regimens for DR-TB treatment

Objective 1: Facilitate and promote trials of DR-TB regimens with new agents

Objective 2: Develop and disseminate profiles of which patients are most likely to benefit from specific DR-TB treatment regimens

Objective 3: Promote dialogue with regulatory agencies regarding new trial designs to enable timely approval of scalable regimens while maintaining high standards for safety and efficacy

Objective 4: Provide information for clinicians and programs on how to use these new drugs and regimens

Objective 5: Collect data documenting success in getting new regimens into programmatic use

Objective 6: Advocate for increased access to new drugs and regimens for programmatic use

Goal II. Advocate for clinical trials of preventive therapy for DR-TB

Objective 1: Facilitate and promote observational cohort designs, pilot trials and full trials to address MDR-TB preventive therapy

Objective 2: Provide information for clinicians and programs on how to use these new preventive regimens

Objective 3: Promote access to new MDR-TB preventive therapy regimens

Goal III. Optimize communication between stakeholders in the DR-TB community

Objective 1: Advance dialogue about strategies for accelerating DR-TB treatment roll-out

Objective 2: Identify and promote opportunities for increasing communication between patients, program managers, researchers, regulatory agencies and health ministries about new DR-TB regimens and drugs

Objective 3: Maintain role as independent broker on DR-TB issues


Resist-TB is comprised of 12, international experts leading the fight against drug-resistant tuberculosis. To view these members and learn more about them visit our steering committee page.

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