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Community and civil society demand their voices be heard in UN Political Declaration on TB

"Members of the global TB community, including survivors, community and civil society

representatives, healthcare workers, private sector representatives, academics, researchers,

and parliamentarians came together for the MSH on TB at the United Nations (UN)

headquarters in New York on 8 May."

We are not on track to meet the global targets to end TB by 2030 and COVID-19 played a factor by reversing nearly two decades of TB progress. Stakeholders in New York shared their six Key Asks with over 45 permanent country missions to the UN on the sidelines of the hearing to inform member state negotiations of the Political Declaration on TB. These six key asks are vital because they make demands to ensure there is equitable access and availability to TB developments, funding, and prioritization of TB across systems for health (UHC, PHR, Pandemic Prevention, PPPR, and AMR). These demands were also voiced ahead of the UN High-Level Meetings (HLMs) on TB, PPPR and UHC that will convene world leaders from 20-22 September to set the agendas intersecting global health challenges including TB. Read more here.

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