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Urgent action necessary to improve equitable access to bedaquiline-based regiments and achieve 1/4/6

On 13 January 2023, a coalition of civil society activists, public health leaders, and researchers acting in solidarity with communities affected by TB sent an open letter to Johnson & Johnson sharing information about the 1/4/6x24 Campaign and requesting Johnson & Johnson’s urgent contribution to the Campaign through actions necessary to improve equitable access to bedaquiline. The signatories called on Johnson & Johnson to publicly announce before World TB Day, 24 March 2023, its commitment to withdraw and not enforce the fumarate salt patent claims and other secondary patents on bedaquiline, as part of its commitment to the goals of the 1/4/6x24 Campaign to ensure everyone with TB can benefit from access to the shortest, safest possible TB treatment regimens recommended by the World Health Organization. Read more here.

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