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Innovation Deficit: Funds for Neglected Diseases like TB are Falling Short

The 2022 G-FINDER Report reveals that for the year 2021, global funding for the development of critical new health technologies to overcome the world’s deadliest neglected diseases remained woefully inadequate and largely stagnant. The report highlights an alarming decline in global investment in product development partnerships (PDPs) for the research and development of medical innovations to address neglected diseases. PDPs are global leaders in developing new health technologies for Poverty Related Neglected Diseases for which there are scarce commercial incentives. TB Alliance’s six-month treatment for drug- resistant TB is a testament to what PDPs can deliver when sufficiently resourced. Despite this track record, PDP funding declined steeply in 2021, a reduction of nearly $100M, marking a record low for the fifteen years over which G-FINDER has tracked these figures. Read more here.

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