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Francesca Conradie

Dr. Conradie obtained her MBBCh in 1989 at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, at a time then the prevalence of HIV infection was around 1%. In addition, HIV infection was a progressive illness that almost invariably resulted in death.
In her career, she has seen the prevalence of HIV infection rise to over 30% in Gauteng province where she works and has  been part of the research agenda that has brought effective antiretroviral therapy to over 1.9 million South Africans.

Dr. Conradie has participated in drug trials, operational research including CIPRA project 1 and pivotal prevention research as part of HPTN 052. Now, Dr Conradie has turned her attention to TB research. She is involved in clinical trials of new strategies for the treatment of multidrug resistant TB. It is her intention to bring the same innovative thinking that has saved countless South African lives from death due to AIDS, to the TB field. Dr. Conradie is Elected President for the Board of the South African Clinicians HIV/AIDS Society, Johannesburg.

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