Webinar: Introduction of the ICN/Curry Center Nursing guide for managing side effects to drug-resistant TB treatment (RECORDING AVAILABLE)

On January 16th, RESIST-TB and The Union’s Nurses and Allied Professionals Sub-Section (NAPS) hosted a webinar to discuss the ICN/CITC Nursing Guide for Management of Side Effects of DR-TB Treatment. Nurses are often the first to hear of a patient’s side effects during TB treatment, making them well positioned to intervene. The information presented in this guide, which is the topic of this webinar, was developed to help nurses assess for and respond appropriately to side effects related to anti-TB medications.

The ICN/CITC Nursing Guide for Management of Side Effects of DR-TB Treatment is available in English, Chinese and Russian.

For those of you who were unable to join the webinar, below is a recording. The slides used can be found here.

Key speakers: Bob Horsburgh, Carrie Tudor, Linette McElroy

*Speaking first is Bob Horsburgh (RESIST-TB), who introduces the key presenter Carrie Tudor (ICN)