The Combined Use of Delamanid and Bedaquiline for MDR-TB: Current Evidence and Practices

On April 5th, Dr. Cathy Hewison and Dr. Lorenzo Guglielmetti presented a webinar covering the current clinical practice and results of use of MDR-TBregimens containing the delamanid and bedaquiline combination from endTB, MSF and Europe, as well an overview of the latest publications and the ongoing studies and trials.

Two new drugs for tuberculosis, delamanid and bedaquiline, have shown to be effective and safe for the treatment of MDR-TB. Today, more and more clinicians around the world are experienced in using these drugs as part of a longer conventional MDR-TB regimen with good results. However, there is less experience in using delamanid and bedaquiline together in the same MDR-TB treatment regimen due to concerns about the common effects on the QT interval. Whilst there are studies ongoing to document the effect on the QT interval of these drugs in combination as well as clinical trials testing the safety and effectiveness of regimens including the combination, these results will not be available for the next 3-5 years. In the meantime, clinicians have used their best clinical judgement and have prescribed the combination of delamanid and bedaquiline as part of a longer conventional MDR-TB regimen, for individual patients in need.

Presentation slides will be available shortly.