Combination therapy with Bedaquiline and Pretomanid is promising for drug-susceptible TB and XDR-TB

Two new drug therapies may have be able to cure all forms of tuberculosis, including the forms that are most difficult to treat.  The treatments, called BPaMZ and BPaL, have the potential to make TB treatment simpler and more effective.  BPaMZ involves taking four drugs once a day, and initial trial results suggest that it cures nearly all cases of ordinary TB in four months, and most people with DR-TB in approximately six months.  BPaL involves taking three drugs once a day, and has so far cured 40 of 69 patients with XDR-TB within six months.  “We will have something to offer every single patient,” stated Mel Spigelman, president of the TB Alliance. “We are on the brink of turning TB around.”

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