Editorial: Encouraging News for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment

Mitnick C and Horsburgh CR. Am J Respir Crit Med 2010; 182: 1337-43.

This editorial highlights a report of a short, highly effective standardized MDR-TB treatment regimen published in an earlier issue of the journal. The report, published by Van Deun and colleagues, describes a 9-month regimen containing 7 drugs in the intensive phase that achieved a cure in 88% of patients with MDR-TB in Bangladesh. Though the authors of the editorial point out some potential limitations, they maintain that if the regimen could assure similar results in heterogenous populations, it could represent a major advance in MDR-TB treatment. They encourage further randomized, controlled trials of multidrug regimens for MDR-TB in order to further tailor their efficacy and tolerability.