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Maretsepile Khosi is on ART and she suffers from multi-drug resistant tuberculosis MDR-TB, her husband died of TB and she suspects that her 16 year old son has also TB but refuses to be tested.
Here she is getting her daily medication at the Maseru clinic.
Lesotho is a mountainous country located entirely within the borders of South Africa. It is home to more than 2 million people and has one of the highest HIV burdens in the world, with between 23 and 30% of the population estimated to be infected with the disease (UNAIDS 2004). Lesotho is also burdened by a high rate of TB, with an incidence of 465 per 100,000 population reported in 2005 (10,363 cases), making it the country with the fourth highest incidence in the world.
Lesotho is likely in the midst of a public health disaster, where a drug-resistant TB epidemic and HIV epidemic are colliding, one fueling the other. An estimated 950 new MDR-TB patients will be diagnosed every year in Lesotho.

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